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On Wednesday, May 13th at 6:30pm, Bram Levinson will be back to talk about Mindset Micro-Training: Recognizing & Responding To Demotivating, Discouraging Thought Patterns.

Webinar Description:

We all want life to be easy and comfortable, our goals to be challenging but achievable, to emerge from this experience of life as unscathed and unscarred as possible. So how do we achieve all of these things when there is always some sort of obstacle presenting itself, when there is always some aspect of life that is less than ideal seemingly trying to lure us away from the desired path?

In this webinar we will discuss how the relationship we have with the thoughts that bounce around in our heads dictates every single aspect of life. We will examine tactics and tools to objectively observe and assess the workings of the mind, introduce the concept of duality and discuss what it means to transcend all details in pursuit of a life that is filled with more happiness, comfort and calm.

Whether we find ourselves in a global pandemic or simply having a rough day, this webinar is for anyone looking for tools to enjoy the ride this life has to offer, and to do it more frequently.

The webinar will once again end with some Q&A so participants are encouraged to ask questions.

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