Cedars Lift n’ Move 2019 – Pre & Post Workout Fueling

It’s going to be a long day, with lots of excitement and emotion in support of such a worthy and special cause. Please remember to hydrate and fuel (and then refuel) as necessary.

First and foremost, it is important to hydrate before your workouts, and stay hydrated between (if you are participating in more than one event) and also after. There will be electrolyte drinks available the day of, however in the morning when drinking your glass (or two) of water before arriving to the event, you can put a pinch of sea salt in your water. This is to ensure you are getting your electrolytes and properly absorbing the water.

Be sure to have your meal (likely breakfast)  2-3 hours before your start time. Make sure to include foods that are easy to break down and digest. Think protein and carbohydrates and very little fat as this may slow down digestion. Oats, peanut butter, eggs, greek yogurt, fruits are all good options.

What you eat before, after and throughout the whole day is important. After your short and intense workout your body will be depleted, of electrolytes, its energy stores and you will have broken down muscle. Grab foods like a banana, baby food squeeze packets and rice cakes for carbs (minimally processed) and deli meats or protein shake for protein and to help with recovery.