The CrossFit experience starts with our Foundations program: a step-by-step prep course to get you ready for our group classes and ensure technique is always at the forefront of every movement.

Once the foundations program is complete, the only thing you need to do is show up to our CrossFit group classes with a positive attitude and our coaches will take it from there! We will lead you through a proper warm-up and a full-body workout in 60 minutes.  Our workouts are fun because they change every day, combining a mix of cardiovascular training, body weight exercises, weightlifting and kettlebell training – we rarely do the same things twice!   Our CrossFit group classes will keep you motivated and you will regularly be surprised by what you are capable of doing.  

We may have a smaller gym with smaller class sizes, but we like the fact that we can get to know our members better and give them the coaching they deserve in class.  This also allows our coaches to scale and modify workouts to each individual’s needs so everyone improves at their own pace.  

We are built on our passion for health & fitness and look forward to welcoming you to our gym.


1 Month Unlimited

$160+ tx /month
  • Unlimited access to all classes

3 Months Unlimited

$145+tx /month
  • Unlimited access to all classes

12 Months Unlimited

$130+tx /month
  • Unlimited access to all classes
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1 month

$150+tx /month
  • Access to 12 Classes per Month

3 Months

  • Access to 12 Classes per Month

12 months

  • Access to 12 Classes per Month