Frequently Asked Questions

Though CrossFit gets a lot of hype on the internet, CrossFit really can be done by everyone!  In fact, every workout can be scaled or modified to meet you at your current fitness level so don’t worry if you haven’t been active lately.

To ease you into the workouts, all new members start with our Foundations Program where we will teach you the fundamentals over 3 sessions in a one-on-one private setting.  Our aim with these sessions are to prepare you to join our group classes and ensure you can perform the basic gymnastic and weightlifting skills safely and with confidence.

To get started, simply fill out the New to CrossFit Form and we will contact you shortly to schedule your free trial with one of our expert coaches.

During your free trial, you will receive a free workout scheduled around you, a tour of our facility and an overview of the foundations program – the next step to becoming a member after the free trial.

The Foundations program is our opportunity to teach you the fundamentals in a one-on-one private setting.  Our aim with these sessions are to get you moving and introduce all the basic movements as well as some of the more complex movements that you will see in the group classes.  Foundations are necessary for anyone who wants to start CrossFit here.

You sure can!  Simply fill out the New to CrossFit Form, include the number of people you will be bringing and we will contact you shortly to schedule your free trial.

The Free Trial class is offered at the times outlined on our online schedule.  Check out our schedule by clicking here.

We recommend you bring the following:

  • Athletic Clothing – We run, jump, squat, lunge, and much more. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing so you are able to do these movements without being restricted by your clothing.
  • Good Shoes – We recommend a flat, hard-sole athletic shoe so that you can bring your “A” game.
  • Water – Regardless of your ability, hydration is a key part in your recovery and health! We have a water cooler to fill up your bottles, so make sure to pack one with you.
Once you have completed the foundations program, you can select one of our membership types, which will give you access to all CrossFit, yoga and mobility classes.  For more membership details, check out our membership options and rates page.
To get started, simply fill out the Experienced CrossFitter Form and we will contact you shortly to schedule your first session.

Your first session is a great opportunity for us to get to know you better, learn about what drives you and see how you move during the workout.  In addition, we will give you a tour of our facility and provide you with an overview of our classes, services and membership options.

Your first session will cost $20+tax.  If you purchase a membership within 7 days of your first drop in, the cost of the drop in will be credited towards the membership price.

We are always happy to have drop ins at CrossFit Westmount, though we like to know in advance as our classes are capped at 10 people.

Simply schedule your drop in via our Contact Form or give us a call.  We will let you know which spots are open so you do not have to roll the dice and have to wait until the next available class.

The cost for a drop-in is 20$+tax.  If you purchase a membership within 7 days of your first drop in, the cost of the drop in will be credited towards the membership price.

Absolutely!  In fact our private training sessions compliment our group classes very well and ensure a personalized approach to training.

Simply fill out our Contact Form to let us know you are interested and we will match you up with a coach that specializes in the area you want to get better at.

Prior to starting a new fitness program, we recommend you speak with your doctor to ensure you have the green light to proceed.

When you are ready to begin, simply let your coaches know prior to class what is bothering you and they will scale the workouts to accommodate your injuries or mobility restrictions.

Since mobility, flexibility and injury prevention are such a priority at CrossFit Westmount, we offer CrossFit Mobility classes, Yoga and an Athletic Therapy service to our members.  Learn more about our classes and services here.

Build Muscle? Yes. Lose weight? Yes. Improve my cardiovascular capacity? Yes. Improve my strength and conditioning for my primary sport (hockey, soccer, etc.)?  Yes. Prepare for the burpees, rope climbing, running and jumping at my first Spartan Race? Yes.  Prepare for my upcoming triathlon season? Yes.

Whether your goal was covered above or you are simply bored with your current fitness routine, CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program designed to improve the 10 physical skills that pertain to fitness: Accuracy, Agility, Balance, Cardio-Respiratory Endurance, Coordination, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Stamina & Strength.

It is a fitness program that is:

  • Fun – because you do it with a great group of athletes.
  • Challenging – because you are getting constantly varied workouts with a variety of bodyweight & weightlifting movements as well as cardio methodologies.
  • Effective – because you will do it at a high intensity.
At CrossFit Westmount, we aim to deliver effective workouts while cultivating a fun and supportive culture.  Our gym is driven and inspired by the following core values: Quality, Integrity, Fun and Teamwork.

What does this mean to you?  Our core values translate into the services we offer by providing you with:

  • Semi-Private coaching – with a maximum of 10 people per class, the coach can watch everyone’s form up close and provide cues to emphasize proper movement mechanics and technique.
  • Quality Programming – We program for our members based on what they collectively need to improve on. There is no “one size, fits all approach” when it comes to programming, so it helps that we are directly involved with our athletes and understand what the primary training focuses need to be.
  • Community – this is a big one. At CrossFit Westmount, we build meaningful relationships with our members and know everyone by name – we care about your goals and want to help you achieve them.  With like minded individuals in class, you will keep your motivation up and feel accountable to the awesome people you train with everyday.  A cool side effect is you will train at a higher intensity than normal and see better results.  Check out our Facebook page here and see what the CrossFit Westmount community is all about.
Absolutely! As long as you are a current member at an Affiliated CrossFit Gym from anywhere around the world, you can drop in for any of our classes.  We have various options such as a single session drop in ($20+tax), week pass ($50+tax) or monthly memberships depending on the length of your stay.

Contact us to setup your first session and arrive 15 minutes early so we can get you setup for class (quick tour, waiver).

To view our current online schedule click here.
In short, yes, however we have limited open gym hours at the moment.  Since we are a community oriented CrossFit gym focused on building a positive team atmosphere, we primarily offer group classes with semi-private coaching. You can check out our class / open gym schedule by clicking here.
You can view our membership packages, which will give you access to all CrossFit, yoga and mobility classes at the membership options and rates page.
We currently have a 12 month student membership at $100+tax per month.  To benefit from the student membership, members must show Student ID and proof of full-time status in the form of a schedule or letter for the current school year.  The student membership can only be purchased in person.

We accept most major Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discovery) and cash.

We have men’s and women’s locker rooms with showers and a lounge area where people can hangout with friends pre & post workout!  Learn more about our facility here.