What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?

I had a few friends/family members/colleagues that were really into Crossfit. Initially it didn’t really interest me but after seeing their enthusiasm I decided to try one class to see what all the fuss was about. I was immediately hooked!

What was your first impression?  How has that changed?

At first I was a little overwhelmed and completely in awe of the other athletes in my classes. I didn’t think I would ever in my lifetime be capable of doing pull-ups. But after weeks/months/years of training I have learned that a person can accomplish anything if they keep working on it. And now, I look forward to pull-ups every time they come up in a workout.

What was your first highlight?

I think my first highlight wasn’t even a PR, it was an example of the great community aspect of the sport. A couple of months after joining, I was stretching after class when a fellow member stopped on his way out the door to talk to me. He said that he was impressed with my commitment and effort every single class and was happy to see how well I was progressing. It was so wonderful and unexpected that someone would take notice and care about my efforts.

What are you working on improving now in CrossFit?

These days I’m not focusing much on lifting heavy, trying to RX all the workouts and going as fast as I can. I’m trying to work on technique as much as possible, making sure I am doing every movement with the proper positioning so that my foundations will be solid whenever I am ready to push it to the limits.

What is your favorite CrossFit Westmount memory?

So many to choose from! The annual CrossFit Wesmount Ugly Holiday Sweater party is something that I look forward to all year. Who doesn’t love watching a roomful of friends set new PRs and celebrate together while wearing ridiculous sweaters? Last year’s party earned me the award for the best ugly sweater, which was even more exciting than the deadlifts!