Online Mindset Coaching

The Online Mindset Coaching program is led by Bram Levinson (Full Bio Here) who is an internationally acclaimed author (The Examined LifeA Year In The Light: Daily Spiritual Life Hacks, Intentions & Reminders), yoga and meditation teacher, blogger and mentor. With complementary studies in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Hinduism, yoga philosophy and spirituality, Bram offers alternative approaches to physical, mental and emotional well-being.

The program is designed to coach individuals through life experiences that range from mildly challenging to seemingly insurmountable. Bram will meet with you by Video call to discuss whatever issues or obstacles are present, and will offer whatever insight possible, drawing on his studies in spirituality, psychology as well as his own life experiences. No topics are off-limits and all conversations are confidential.

To date Bram has guided individuals through the challenges of anxiety, eating disorders, marital issues, career changes, goal-setting, as well as overcoming fear related to getting married, having children, setting boundaries with loved ones and getting past the trappings of grief, addiction and negative thought/behavioural patterns.

The Mindset Coaching Program follows these guidelines:

  • Takes place in a one-to-one meeting or in a small group by video call
  • Can be one meeting or an ongoing series of meetings based on your needs
  • Sessions can be used for personal growth, career development, lifestyle enhancement, spiritual fulfilment, goal achievement
  • Focuses on interpersonal support, guidance, mutual exchange, sharing of insight and wisdom, goal and life coaching, and role modelling.

One 60-Minute Session

$110+ tx

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