The government of Quebec (References below) is allowing outdoor activities in groups to start as of June 8th.  The purpose of this post is to let you know why we’re going to stay online and not run our services outdoors.

The Best Service For the Greatest Number of Members

First and foremost, we’re committed to providing fitness for all our members.

Right now, many are on disrupted or unpredictable work schedules, and many are dealing with children who are out of school.  Travel to any location won’t be possible for some.

Our current online coaching system allows people to do personalized workouts on their own.  It offers the most flexibility for everyone.


The other option, of course, would be to run a host of outdoor classes plus continue online training, but the economics and logistics of staffing simply would not work.  Right now, we can serve the greatest number of people with daily coaching and online workouts that have no capacity restrictions.

We also know that some people would not be ready to head outside in a group, and we’re not going to ask them to move outside their comfort zones.

The Best Workouts

We are a strength and conditioning program, not just a conditioning program.

Despite the limitations of the current situation, our members are using gear they had, they’re acquiring new equipment, or they’re using gear we loaned them. That means they have enough equipment to do conditioning and strength training.

Perhaps we aren’t maxing out squats, but with tempo training and clever rest/rep schemes, we’re able to maintain and improve strength.  In an outdoor setting, we would have to lean too far toward conditioning and body-weight workouts, and the list of movements available to us would be reduced significantly.

Participants would also be limited to the gear they bring with them, and we don’t expect people to load their cars with stuff every day.

Right now, we can offer a better training program online.


As you all know, the weather is unpredictable. We aren’t going to ask you to deal with rain nor will we risk the confusion created when weather is iffy. “Is it cancelled?” is currently not a question we get because our systems are dialed in and everyone knows when they can expect their next workout.

Right now, we’d like to control as many variables as we can so we can serve you best.

Our very Best Service

While we’d love to see you in person, we’ll hold off on outdoor classes. As I said above, our overarching concern is offering the best service to the greatest number of people.Right now, we’re confident we can do that best online, but rest assured, we’ll keep you updated as the situation evolves.