What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?

A complete fluke, I thought I was going to yoga in the park but it ended up being CrossFit… and I loved it!

What was your first impression?  How has that changed?

Initially I thought CrossFit was very “cult-y”. Having been part of the community for a year now I realize that it’s an amazing way to grow, challenge and surprise yourself. There’s also something to be said when the whole gym explodes with joy at someone’s first muscle-up! If that’s cult-y, I’ll take it!

What was your first highlight?

I don’t know if it was my first highlight per se, as every success in CrossFit feels like a highlight… but perhaps the most memorable was doing the open for the first time. Tom convinced me to sign up despite me feeling royally unprepared and unqualified. I surprised myself over and over again and finished workouts that I went into thinking I’ll never be able to do this let alone finish. It has changed my outlook on my abilities, both inside and outside of the gym!

What are you working on improving now in CrossFit?

I want to continue to build good technique! But my goal is to have at least 5 strict pull-ups by this summer and to be able to do handstand push-ups!

What is your favorite CrossFit Westmount memory?

It’s a tie! My wedding-inspired workout was really heartwarming! Love that Tom took the time to come up with a WOD in honor of our upcoming (at the time) nuptials! Also the “Ugly-sweater Christmas Open”. It’s one my favorite times of the year and our gym members are such good sports, everyone showed up in something ridiculous and gave it their all. Bonus: I learned that I’m particularly gifted in crab walk races!