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We are all used to lot’s of human interaction, though having to stay at-home to social distance has presented a few new challenges.  More than ever we may feel the need to “keep it together” to be in a position to care for ourselves and the people closest to us.  To help us with this subject, we have brought in an expert to help.

Bram Levinson has been coaching individuals for years.  With studies in psychology, yoga, Hinduism and spirituality, he offers alternative approaches to physical, mental and emotional well-being.  To date Bram has coached individuals through the challenges of anxiety, marital issues, career changes, goal-setting, as well as getting past the trappings of grief, addiction and negative thought/behavioral patterns.

In this webinar, he provides practical advice & tips on how you can manage isolation and create structure in your life so you can adapt to the current situation.

Download the Webinar Here


4:15 – How to Create Structure
6:20 – Combining structure & Ease
7:55 – Accept what is going on to help you adapt
9:00 – On Setting Intentions
10:48 – How to Structure your Days
15:00 – Structure and Type A Personalities
15:50 – How do we Manage Isolation to stay healthy in mind, body and spirit
16:02 – How to tune into the news & how much info is too much?
19:02 – Respecting the balance between Structure and Ease
19:23 – Importance of Physical Activity
20:00 – What we can control
21:10 – Get outside and breath fresh air
21:54 – Eat food that is rich in nutrients, vitamins & minerals
23:00 – Talk to “your people” everyday
24:09 – Why we should aim to keep our surroundings clean & tidy
24:50 – Focus & Mindfulness
27:18 – Meaningfulness
33:20 – Q&A Begins
38:00 – On Social Media
41:20 – On addressing the addressing the unknowns (balancing reality with optimism)
44:05 – Tips on how to fall asleep
48:30 – How to chat with friends and family about the current situation
50:35 – Eating Healthy at Home
54:34 – Relaxing and Feelings of Guilt
60:00 – How to help the community in these times

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