What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?

I had been working out at local gyms for a few years trying all kinds of classes and programs. I was looking to increase the intensity of my training and to test my limits. I’d heard about cross fit and saw some videos online, so I decided to give it a shot.

What was your first impression?  How has that changed?

My first impression was that the gym was also a community, that everyone knew each other and that I was an outsider. I still see the gym as a community, and I’ve learned it’s an open and welcoming community. As far as the program, I immediately fell for it, and though I was sore consistently for a good 4 months I loved how quickly I could see results and effect change.

What was your first highlight?

I think I have to go with the first pull-up. At my first foundation class I attempted a pull up and failed, so I made that my first cross fit bench mark move, and getting that under my belt just made me hungry for more.

What are you working on improving now in CrossFit?

I’m trying to dial in my technique in weight lifting and in gymnastics. I’m at a point where I can get a fair amount of the skills, but I want to ensure I’m technically sounds so I can go for bigger sets and do better under fatigue.

What is your favorite CrossFit Westmount memory?

I remember coming to an evening class after a work day spent trying to motivate people to contribute and make an effort. I was watching the class ahead of me go through a tough EMOM and it was truly uplifting to see a group of people fighting for reps to complete the workout. I think I’ve learned as much about mental toughness, focus, and dedication at Cross Fit as I did about how to get physically stronger and jump on boxes.