Membership Policies

Welcome to CrossFit Westmount!  The membership policies below have been extracted from the terms & conditions that all members who have purchased a CrossFit Westmount Membership have acknowledged to have read, understood and agreed to.  The intent of these policies are to encourage community-minded behaviour, ensure a positive member experience, provide a safe coach-to-athlete ratio during each class and ensure that each participant is getting enough focus and attention from their Coach.

Our unlimited access memberships allow members to register for 1 CrossFit class and register for 1 specialty class such as mobility, yoga or open gym per day (Ex. reserving a 5pm WOD and 6pm Mobility slot).

For class passes, each reservation counts as one of the allotted sessions. For example booking an 8am WOD and 9am Open Gym slot would count as two sessions.  NOTE – if a member has a reservation and does not attend this still counts as one of the allotted sessions.  For private training, missed appointments without the appropriate notice will be charged as if attended.

Class sizes will be limited to 10 people.  Mindbody will allow for a wait list of up to 3 people.  Exceptions to this rule will be indicated on the class schedule.

You must reserve a class online if you wish to attend that class. You will be allowed to reserve up to seven days in advance of any class so that you can plan your upcoming week accordingly.  Members will be restricted to 1 CrossFit class sign up per day.

Any member who does not reserve ahead of time cannot be guaranteed a spot in class if it is full and will not be allowed to participate if capacity is reached.

Reservations can be cancelled without penalty up to 2-hours before the scheduled class. Within that 2-hour window members will be considered a late cancel.  If a member has reserved a class and does not attend they will be classified as a “No Show”.

A class may be cancelled if there are no members signed up 30 minutes prior to the start.

If a member has a waitlist reservation and a spot opens in that class they will be automatically booked into the session and an email will be sent with the update shortly thereafter. (Due to the above 2-hour limit this means that members on the waitlist will have ~2 hours notice to attend the class.

The 2-hour window should give enough notice for anyone on the waitlist to attend the class. If a member will not be able to attend with this notification they will need to remove themselves from the waitlist beforehand.

Any member moved from the waitlist into the reserved will be treated as any normal reservation. NO SHOW policy will still apply.

All Late Cancels and No Shows will receive an email reminding the member of our policy.  If this occurs on multiple occasions, the member will need to discuss with the Gym Manager about expectations moving forward.
All members should arrive early to classes and be ready to start on the hour and “check in” with the front desk when they arrive.

If a class is waitlisted and someone is physically waiting for that spot, a late member will be bumped from the class after 5 minutes.

Members who are allowed to join the class late, may be given an alternate warm-up to be completed immediately so as not to further delay the class. The individual may also be asked to sit out of the skill or strength portion if they are late and prepare for the WOD. This policy is meant to ensure that classes run on schedule and in a safe manner. We value your safety as well as our members and coaches time, and we ask that all of our members respect this policy and make every effort to arrive on time, if not early for class. Additionally, if a member is consistently late to class and it appears they are abusing the late policy, the member will be asked to attend the next available class of the day.  We reserve the right to refuse entry to any late arrivals (some days it is not possible to catch up).

All membership options and training packages are non-refundable and non-transferable except in the case of a valid medical / relocation reason.

3 and 12 Month Membership cancellation: The Client may only terminate the 3 and 12 Month Memberships without penalty on a case-by-case basis, by reason of illness, injury or a move outside of the Montreal region. Written notice accompanied by a signed physician’s note must be sent to 9341-3854 Quebec Inc. / CrossFit Westmount via email ( or by certified mail within fifteen (15) days of requested termination date.  Once the letter is received and accepted, the cancellation will be processed.  9341-3854 Quebec Inc. / CrossFit Westmount reserves the right to refuse a medical note if not deemed reasonable.

1 Month Memberships, Prepaid Membership Class Passes and Private Coaching Session(s) cancellation: These plans are not subject to any early termination options. 1 Month Memberships, Client’s class pass or private coaching session(s) shall cancel automatically at the end of the specified term. No credit will be provided for any unused time or portion. All unused time will be automatically forfeited.

Membership cancellations: If you cancel your membership for any reason other than a valid medical reason or valid relocation, written notice must be sent to 9341-3854 Quebec Inc. / CrossFit Westmount via email ( or by certified mail.  The contract is considered cancelled from the moment written notice is received.  Note that if a client has a scheduled renewal payment within this 30-day period, the payment will be processed as scheduled and does not include the early termination fee and administration fee. Cancellation of membership prior to the expiration of any specified commitment period requires an early termination fee.  Clients breaking a contract will pay the difference between a 1 month membership option and their selected membership option price for every month they were a member.  In addition, an administration fee of $50 will be applied.

Single Session Cancellation: 24 hours notice is required for cancellation of single Private Coaching and Foundation Session(s). Missed sessions without the appropriate notice may be charged as if attended.

9341-3854 Quebec Inc. / CrossFit Westmount is not responsible for personal property left on or stolen from its premises. Premises are defined as the areas in which services are provided.

9341-3854 Quebec Inc. / CrossFit Westmount reserves the right to refuse entry or Membership to anyone that abuses 9341-3854 Quebec Inc. / CrossFit Westmount equipment or fixtures, engages in fighting, loud or obnoxious behavior, or disrespectful behavior toward the 9341-3854 Quebec Inc. / CrossFit Westmount staff, guests, or members (are all grounds for immediate Membership suspension and/or termination).

Clients agree to allow 9341-3854 Quebec Inc. / CrossFit Westmount, its agents, officers, principals, employees and volunteers the use of all picture(s), film and/or likeness of Client for marketing, advertising, or teaching purposes.